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Robert P. (Bob) Stefanowicz


Marine Surveyor Status During COVID-19 Issue of 2020

Susquehanna Marine Surveys is still operational in light of the current COVID-19 issue and I will be continuing to perform your requested assignments.

I do carry a Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) which allows me to enter port facilities for essential cargo inspections and similar procedures.

Unless of course the federal or state government prohibits any type of business travel in which case I offer desk reviews/ surveys (insurance claims only).

I have always been, and will continue to be, following all current and adapted CDC recommendations to keep myself safe as well be informing any other inspection attendees such as policy holders, other surveyors, repair facility representatives, etc. that I expect that they also follow the same precautions.

No physical contact of any kind will be allowed.

I keep both of my vehicles equipped with safety equipment such as soap and water, hand sanitizer liquid and wipes, nitrate/ surgical gloves, respirator face masks (for multiple fumes, dust, chemicals, etc.), N-95 face masks and Tyvek® coveralls (I always have this equipment because of conditions and spaces that I can encounter during my assignments).

This equipment is for my personal use only and will not be distributed to any other attendee due to possible liability issues.

Please be advised that any and all clients have the responsibility to act accordingly and follow the CDC guidelines during the currently undetermined length of this virus, if they wish to attend the vessels or cargo during my assigned inspection.

Should I arrive at an inspection site and the attendees refuse to follow these guidelines on their own, I will be forced to remove myself from the area/ inspection site.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you for your time.

As always, Thank you for your assignments and business.

Stay healthy and have a great day

Bob Stefanowicz, AMS®

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